Debian Repository

The LOD2 Stack Debian repository offers the components ready to install on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise LTS edition) Linux distribution. Most of the package are capable to install on a native Debian distribution. The repository is organized in a phased setup: in development component owners contribute their packages, in testing the packages are public available for anyone to test, while in stable the components are available which have passed all integrity tests.

The testing consists of the most recent components which are currently under integration testing. Each stage consists of two repositories: one containing the architecture independent software components and one with an architecture-linux distribution dependency. The last category contains e.g. Virtuoso Open-source because the binary files dependent on the C-libraries available. Observe that in this way we are able to distribute a more recent Virtuoso Open-Source than the one which is distributed via the normal Ubuntu channels for the Precise edition.

All distributions can be browsed from this url

Virtual Machine

You can choose to download pre-configured Virtual Machines in VMwares native format. The player can be downloaded for free. . To test the integrity of the download files a MD5 hash is provided.

Login using the user credentials below. On the desktop one find an installation script for the LOD2 stack. When executing the script it installs the LOD2 stack without an asking any question. We assume by executing this script you accept all (open-source) licenses associated with the components in the LOD2 stack. More details on this installation are found on the documenation wiki.

User / Password: lod2demo / lod2demo.


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